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Organizations invest money to build IT infrastructure that support their business goals and objectives. With frequent mergers & acquisitions of product manufacturing companies, the service & spares support for the installed equipments has become very painful. The increasing complexity of heterogeneous products & technologies and the labour-intensive nature of integration, operation & maintenance – have made the task of infrastructure management difficult..


Audio Visual Systems

The ever growing demand to create integrated, user-friendly meeting environment with the latest audio, video and data collaboration technology – has encouraged us to offer audio video solutions from concept to completion. The way business operates has changed. Collaboration & Teamwork are now seen as an essential part of business.


Electronic Security and

With the increasing threat and advancement of technology, electronic security system has taken a new dimension. The objective is to provide protection for employees, visitors, office equipment, asset, materials, buildings and intellectual property. lacinia mauris sollicitudin etiam ultrices nibh tortor tellus phasellus inceptos nibh lobortis euismod etiam pellentesque curabitur integer.


Solutions Offered

Cloudflex is a rich resource of accumulated experience & expertise to execute turn-key projects.

Connectivity, Wireless and Campus Management

Campus life is now engulfed with mobile devices. Most students have at least one device that's connecting to the campus wireless network

Mobility and end point management

Modern workers expect friction-free, consumer-like experiences. But you need to keep information, users and networks secure.

Information and Internet Security

Internet is the global meeting place for personal and business communication.

Audio and Video Integration

The ever growing demand to create integrated, user-friendly meeting.

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