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Enterprise Computing and Storage

The success of business in new economy largely depends on the management of information life cycle.
Enterprise computing has gone through many changes. At initial days of computing, there used be server based computing with mainframe and terminals. Those infrastructure used to be less prone to frequent failures and technical issues, but it was all about text based data.


Virtual Desktop/ Thin Client

With the evolution of PC (Personal Computer) and Microsoft OS – the graphical interface, flexible computing at desktop level have become very user friendly. However, luxury comes at a cost. Too many choices in computer specification and OS – have become a burden for the IT administrator. Nowadays, PC has become a complex device to buy and even harder to manage.
With fast changing hardware & software technologies – IT departments struggle to maintain, troubleshoot, update & upgrade all the desktops & laptops deployed across enterprise. Security, data privacy, manageability, downtime, power and cooling challenges are driving many organizations to look for alternatives to the traditional PC.
At Cloudflex, we have been inspired by the innovative technologies of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). “Virtual Desktop” is the best of both world. VDI concept is – server based computing with graphical interface and flexibility of Windows.

Virtual desktops/ Thin clients are solid-state, disk less devices that are connected to a centralised server through access software or a browser. In this environment , application/information is processed by the server and accessed by users through a thin client device.
NComputing – the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world with its innovative & award winning technology offers enterprises a VDI architecture that is simple,fast & affordable.

The architecture includes three components in an integrated solution

The main benefits of Virtual Desktop are:

Easy installation & integration into existing Windows/ Linux Network

Consumes only 5 Watts and hence saving on Power, UPS & AC

Solid state device with no moving parts- rugged & durable

Compatibility with most of the applications on Windows & Linux

MTBF of 10-15 years, avoids the need of frequent upgrades/replacement

No local OS & data- reduces deployment , maintenance & security costs



With today’s low-cost, high-powered server-based technologies, all businesses can benefit from more efficient utilization and distribution of data center capacity. Based on the details of business need, application demand, traffic load and data flow- we help enterprises to optimize their server operation and thus consolidating the server farm.
Our strategic relationship with leading manufacturers and component suppliers – enables us to supply server with customised configuration to meet any specific need of organisations.

Data Storage and Recovery

Analysts estimate that over 60% of company’s data resides on desktop and laptop computers, but only less than 30% of users regularly backup their data. Data loss caused by hardware failures, software malfunctions, human errors, virus attacks – exposes your organization to considerable legal and financial risks.
Because of the complexity & support cost of traditional storage system, many enterprises rely on their users to manually copy their data to a USB drive, CD and file server.

Due to rapid growth of data, conventional file server with internal /external disks outgrows its storage capacity and demands for new server to be added. A general purpose server, which utilizes a wide range of hardware and software to perform many different tasks – is not designed for efficient storage solution.
Organizations are looking to refresh their storage architectures and get a flexible & comprehensive solution for:

With Unified storage solution – you can enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise-class storage solution- without all the cost & complexity. Unified storage consists of application specific operating system and specialized hardware and software components, designed for efficient system performance.
Unified storage device powered by multi-core Intel processors & integrated storage management software – can be used to offer powerful and cost-effective way to provide

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